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Priorities (in the Kitchen)

Conversation in my kitchen tonight. Me washing dishes. E comes in.

E: Totally burnt weekend.

Me: Totally. Especially me. Totally totally burnt this weekend.

E: Well, I burnt it even more totally than you.

Me: Yeah… At least we’re feeling well-rested.

E: Yeah.

Oh, and by ‘burnt’ we meant ‘wasted’. E and I have this weird way of talking to each other.  But that’s not the point. The point is that it got me thinking. I remembered all the to-do items (homework, grocery shopping, etc.) I put in my calendar on Friday to be done by Monday. And I didn’t do half of them, and the ones I actually managed to do even weren’t that high up the list. What happened to my priorities? Just a couple of months ago I was desperate to find a good grad school “anywhere but here” and keep ahead with my classes this semester. And now, I’m figuring, heh, staying in this neck of the woods may not be such a bad thing (I’m enjoying what I do and feel good and stuff, so what would be so bad?); and I’m so tired after all that studying for midterms. I think I can allow myself a couple weekends of resting, getting into Christmas mood or whatever, right?

Wondering if I sorted out my priorities right,



Christmas in November?

Can anyone tell me where November has gone? I remember what happened in September, what was up in October, but I can’t figure out this month. I mean, it’s not like I participated in NaNoWriMo (total admiration to those who are doing it, though!) or worked a lot on my thesis project. I just had midterms… Wait. Six midterms in three weeks. Um… That must be how November passed me by. And I’m actually very glad that it’s pretty much over, though, ’cause I had the worst case of seasonal depression in my life and, as a result, a lot of very gloomy ideas to write about. The only positive side about it is that I used all will power that I had to study for those midterms and couldn’t be bothered to do much else, writing included. That’s actually the reason of the fairly random nature of this post – I don’t want to linger on those depressive thoughts anymore. That’s what my mum always tells me, and she knows this stuff: when it’s not any serious issues one should deal with or a simple case of ‘I miss sunshine!’, it’s best to look for alternative means to bring light into one’s life. Like playing Darren Criss singing ‘Teenage Dream’ over and over, or watching ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’, or solving differential equations (to each their own, and I pick all of the above).

I think, US folks are pretty smart because they have Halloween and Thanksgiving – two nice holidays to brighten their autumn, and what do we have in this corner of the world? Just All Saints Day to start November with when we commemorate everyone who died since, like, forever. I mean, I understand that it’s important, it’s just that I personally always get too invested in these things, so to speak. Add the darkness and some wayward virus which decides to latch onto me and what you get is not a pretty sight.

However, I think, it’s kind of amazing how quickly I got over the November glooms. My theory is that it’s something to do with snow we’ve been getting little by little since yesterday. I woke up today and everything was white. And there’s just nothing quite like walking in undisturbed snow or being surrounded by trees gingerly holding the white fluff on their branches. Did I mention that I love snow?

I also love that now November is pretty much over, I can start officially waiting for Christmas. I’m going to watch Love Actually for the first time this season which is how I mark the start of “my Christmas season”. Do you do anything special to start “your Christmas season”?

Wondering why this a little cacophonous jazz stuff is making me feel better as well,


Choices, Anyone? (Couple of Thoughts on ‘My Sister’s Keeper’)

So that’s midterm time for you. I haven’t had time for anything but studying or staring at a fixed point in front of me, my brain fried from the excessive information intake, for three weeks or so… Actually, that’s not entirely true. I found time to read a book. Actually, I couldn’t help it. It sort of happened – I love when people say that something “sort of happened” or something like that – I always find it kind of funny, how can something just happen, but then it happens to me and I totally understand. So, here’s what happened.

I was really distraught after one particularly nasty midterm and decided to do some shopping therapy. So I went into a book shop. I know, not exactly your usual choice for shopping therapy, but that’s what I felt like doing at the time. I had my eye on a few books for some time, but it was something unexpected that caught my eye. Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper. Paperback, original English version (I don’t read original versions much, except for Harry Potter and Jane Austen, but I somehow didn’t felt like reading a translation of this one). Of course, I’d heard about the book (and the movie), I knew that it was about a girl who has cancer or something. I opened it and read the first page… And anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled should stop reading here (yeah, a Harry Potter fan habit). Proceed at your own risk.

So, I read the Prologue. There this girl is telling how she once tried to kill her sister, but their dad came in and stopped her (by the way, anyone who’s read this book – which sister’s memory do you think the Prologue is? ‘Cause I’m rather confused). That got me. I don’t exactly why. Or maybe I know. It was the dad. I like when there’s a nice / interesting dad / father figure in a story. I bought it. And that’s how it happened. I took it out on the bus home and had to tear myself from it every time I needed to do something like work, eat or study. I finished it about 36 hours after I bought it, at 2 a.m. The feverish haste I was reading it, drinking in every word, reminded me of how I used to read Harry Potter books as they were just coming out. My Sister’s Keeper is pretty much nothing like Harry Potter, of course, but they seem to have had the same sucking-in effect on me.

Actually, now I come to think about it, there’s also a theme both stories explore – the theme of choices. They are so different about the way they deal with it, and I love it in both stories. In Harry Potter, everything depends on Harry’s mother choosing to die for him and later Harry chooses to die and by doing so saves everyone. In My Sister’s Keeper, Anna is fighting for the right of choosing to stop saving her sister (though everything turns out to be rather more complicated than that), but in the end she doesn’t get that choice anyway – fate (or whatever) takes it away from her, and her organs are used to save her sister. When I finished the book, I was really frustrated about that. My mum always says that you do what your heart tells you (or what you can or whatever) and in the end everything works out just as it should, and I guess I agree (from my limited life experience), but it just sucks when that “should” is not in your favour, or in this case, not in Anna’s favour.

Part of the reason why I was so annoyed with the ending, I think, was that all throughout the book I didn’t like Kate (the sick sister) very much. And then it occurred to me that up until the Epilogue we don’t actually get to hear Kate’s point of view. Even though the book sort of focuses on her illness, all of it (apart from the aforementioned Epilogue) is told from other people’s point of view. I think that’s kind of brilliant decision made by the author, actually – that everyone seems so focused on this girl, but they don’t really pay attention to what her needs are, just what her illness needs, so to speak.

It’s been a while since any book has gripped me so much that I actually want to talk about it in detail, only for that I need to reread it again.

Missing high-school lit class,