Priorities (in the Kitchen)

Conversation in my kitchen tonight. Me washing dishes. E comes in.

E: Totally burnt weekend.

Me: Totally. Especially me. Totally totally burnt this weekend.

E: Well, I burnt it even more totally than you.

Me: Yeah… At least we’re feeling well-rested.

E: Yeah.

Oh, and by ‘burnt’ we meant ‘wasted’. E and I have this weird way of talking to each other.Β  But that’s not the point. The point is that it got me thinking. I remembered all the to-do items (homework, grocery shopping, etc.) I put in my calendar on Friday to be done by Monday. And I didn’t do half of them, and the ones I actually managed to do even weren’t that high up the list. What happened to my priorities? Just a couple of months ago I was desperate to find a good grad school “anywhere but here” and keep ahead with my classes this semester. And now, I’m figuring, heh, staying in this neck of the woods may not be such a bad thing (I’m enjoying what I do and feel good and stuff, so what would be so bad?); and I’m so tired after all that studying for midterms. I think I can allow myself a couple weekends of resting, getting into Christmas mood or whatever, right?

Wondering if I sorted out my priorities right,



2 responses to “Priorities (in the Kitchen)

  1. Honestly, I think you deserve some relaxation more than anybody!
    I don’t know anybody as good at prioritizing – and actually doing the stuff on the to-do list – as you seem to be πŸ™‚
    And about grad school…. I believe I remember a blog post where you wrote about simply being really happy, doing what you do, where you are.
    I think that should be the absolute number one priority πŸ™‚

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