News Commentary

I don’t usually follow the news (it just annoys me), but sometimes the news has a way of following me. A couple of weeks ago a 13-year-old girl from my home town was murdered. Everyone has been pretty upset ever since. And a lot of similar stories started emerging. And the stories go something like this. A kid meets someone online, and they talk, and they meet and then they get hurt. Many people blame social networking sites. I mean, I understand them to a certain extent. It is human nature to look for something to blame. But as someone who thinks that Facebook is a great idea, I also think it’s unfair to put all the blame to it. It’s sort of like when people blame guns when someone gets shot. People shoot people. Guns just help out. But people would hurt other people even if there were no guns. Same, a child may encounter creepers without the help from the internet. Admittedly, the internet speeds things up.  But I think the main problem here is the fact that the whole internet phenomenon is still pretty new, and most of the parenting generation probably doesn’t understand it that well. When your child sits at home in front of the computer, you feel like nothing bad can happen to your kid. But that’s not exactly true. Sure, there’s probably no immediate physical danger, but there are other types of abuse. There have always been people who want to hurt other people. That’s why you teach children not to talk to strangers and be careful and stuff. So why not also teach them not to talk to strangers and be careful while online too? That would make sense to me.

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One response to “News Commentary

  1. Appreciate you have an opinion! I like yours. It’s high time, parents take charge and feel responsible for their child’s social education. Bad things happens – and not only to the neighbors, so internet is just a new highway to be aware of. Who, of a sound mind, would send their youngsters out to play on a highway? Well … seems some do and expect it to turn out well all the time. Peculiar IMO.
    Well spotted Justi! ❤ Tina

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