Evolving Beyond Hate

A sort of local election is coming up in this neck of the woods, and the city is flooded with political ads. Now, mostly, I just ignore them, but yesterday one of them caught my attention. And not in a good way. Actually, I found it so offensive that I ripped it off the lamp-post it was glued to (it wasn’t a big poster, but still), something I don’t do, because I believe that everyone has the right to express themselves. However, it was so politically incorrect (ironic, isn’t it?), derogatory and disrespectful, that I couldn’t help myself, because, I guess, respect is higher up my list of important things. It basically said that the party was fighting for a city without African-American, gay and gipsy people (needless to say they chose words that aren’t particularly nice, to put it mildly). I’m neither of those, but I think that everyone deserves to be treated and addressed respectfully.

I really don’t understand all this hate towards people who are somehow different. My evolution theory professor would say that this is natural primal biological response to different individuals, or someone who comes into the territory. This is supposed to preserve population’s genome which is best adapted to that said environment. But I would think that human species has evolved beyond that. I mean, when we talk about people, we talk about social evolution, evolution of the mind, not biological evolution. I think, if someone considers themselves smart (and I think everyone does), they should think, instead of relying on the basic instincts written in our genes. And really, when you look at it, there are more differences between two people of the same race than there are differences between two races.

I admit I’m not very good at Bible stuff, but I do believe that somewhere in there it says “Love thy neighbour like yourself”, it doesn’t specify that your neighbour has to meet some sort of criteria in order to be “lovable” (now, I’m quite certain that ‘love’ isn’t really meant literally in this case, but it doesn’t really matter). And at this age, with internet and everything, pretty much everyone in the world can be called our ‘neighbour’, in some sense, can’t they?

Everybody talks about bullying and hate at schools and stuff like that these days, and everyone seems concerned about stopping it; but really, when adults don’t show respect to others, how are children supposed to learn that?

Hoping it came out nicely and respectfully as I intended,


P.S. In instances like this, I like to think about global warming, hurricanes and stuff – they don’t really care about how you look or who you sleep with; and when we’re in love or when we’re sad, we’re all the same, so, what the difference do these differences really make?


3 responses to “Evolving Beyond Hate

  1. What?? That’s appalling!
    So, “local” election… So it’s not like a big media-covered event?
    I mean, usually this kind of stuff arouses lots of resistance and anger…
    Is that really even allowed?
    Wow, that’s…. wow!

    • Well, I guess I should’ve pointed out that this was like a very small ad (as compared to the huge posters they usually make), and there was only one of it that I ever came across, so, chances are not many people even noticed it. As for the media coverage, I’m not sure – as I don’t have a TV and I don’t usually read political sections of news websites. Plus, I couldn’t even recognise the party that made that ad, they must be either new or very obscure. I don’t know – it just had a stronger effect on me than I expected, and my train of thought took me further than I intended – I mean, this sort of disrespect and hate and ignorance is still more or less a general thing around these parts, at least I get that impression.

  2. I always get really angry about these things too… It’s just so fracking unfair!
    I just hope every other poster they’ve put up have been torn down as well! 🙂

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