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Thursday Night Pasta Improvisations

I’ve created something tonight. Something rather incredible, I thought. Earlier today I decided I wanted comfort food tonight, but I didn’t want the same mac&cheese I make every time. But I didn’t know what exactly I wanted (and I forgot to look up a recipe), so, I did something I rarely do – just picked up some random products at the store hoping that something good will turn out of them. And it did. Isn’t that amazing? Oh, but I have to give credit for my inspiration – this┬árecipe (which I only found after I came home). Come to think of it, my recipe is a sort of variation of that one.

So, here’s the stuff I got at the store:

Penne (or any other pasta wouldn’t have done, but I like penne best)

Baby spinach


Heavy cream

Sun-dried tomatoes

Olive oil (well, I had that at home)

A few cloves of garlic (I did have that at home too)


And here’s what I did:

Cook the pasta.

Wash and slice the mushrooms. Put a little olive oil into a pan or skillet and cook the mushrooms. Be sure to put them side-by-side, so they don’t cover each other and brown them on both sides on almost high heat (I guess you call that medium high?). Then take them out of the pan and set aside.

Chop the garlic and cook it in the same skillet (I didn’t even add any extra oil).

Chop some sun-dried tomatoes.

When the pasta is cooked, drain it, put the mushrooms back into the skillet with the garlic, add the pasta, tomatoes and splash in some cream and add a little grated cheese (just to thicken cream a bit). Stir around. Then add the washed baby spinach and stir around until it’s all wilted and nice. Don’t skimp on the spinach – it wilts into pretty much nothing – tasty bits of nothingness.

Oh, and I was so hungry that I completely forgot spices, but turns out that the olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese carry enough spiciness by themselves.

Writing about this makes me want to cook it again.