Noodle’s Journey: In Search of the Elusive Lake

This week was pretty uneventful for the most part. I had few close encounters with specimens of local fauna. Taking a walk in a park, I ran into a squirrel I had a bit of a staring match with. Then there was this rabbit which didn‘t know traffic rules and even though it was turning left and I was riding my bike straight, I had to let it pass. I also took a couple walks and rides along the river which seems to run into two opposite directions – I‘m still trying to figure out how that works, and along those trips there were multiple sightings of ducks, once in an absent-minded state I walked so close past one that half a meter to the right and I would‘ve stepped on it. But it didn‘t even make a sound or move. I did, however, step on some duck poop, which is like the only problem this beautiful town seems to have. Oh well, can‘t have anything too perfect, and it‘s all part of the beautiful life cycles, and stuff.

And then the Epic Journey of Saturday afternoon happened. I had finally procured a bike in the beginning of the week, so I was able to go further away than on foot. A new friend and I decided to ride our bikes and see a lake a little out of town. It looked pretty straightforward on the map – after we left town, we just had to ride straight until we bumped into the lake. Only, when we got to the place from which we only had to ride straight, there was no road going straight. There were a few small forest paths leading in different directions, though, so we chose one and off we went. Only it ended in a dead-end, so we had to make a turn. Then we made more turns trying to get back on track. We stumbled upon the local crematorium. That was interesting. I had never seen a crematorium before. That was a good point to get our bearings, since it was marked on the map and everything. However, yet again, the map and the physical reality of roads didn‘t agree. We rode into the forest again. Took some turns here and there. And… suddenly found ourselves facing the crematorium again. It threatened to start raining. That would be a cool premise for a horror movie – two girls riding their bikes in the rain past an abandoned crematorium (the real creamatorium clearly wasn‘t abandoned, but that wouldn‘t make a good horror film premise).

We decided to backtrack our journey a bit further back to try and find the right road. We successfully back-tracked and chose another forest path. Only, after some time of battling rocky muddy narrow paths, we ended up on the same field where we started. Then we laughed about it for a couple of minutes and decided to try for the last time. We rode through the forest again, then through a sort of clump of perfect little houses in the forest (if I could pick anywhere on Earth to live, I‘d pick a house there… or a little town Gmunden in Austria, it has a lake surrounded by mountains). And then as it looked as though we bumped into another deadend, we actually bumped into the elusive lake. And then it started to rain in earnest.

We rode around looking for the lake for 2 hours. It took probably a good half hour to get back.

But seriously, this place has most beautiful forests. They’re like the Forbidden Forest and the forest of Lothlorien with a hint of Fangorn all in one.

I can’t believe I was able to move at all on Sunday,



2 responses to “Noodle’s Journey: In Search of the Elusive Lake

  1. Sounds like you’re having too much fun. I’d love to visit places that look like locations in some of my favorite books! *jealous*

    • I don’t know about ‘too much fun’ – I spend most of the time at the lab, but that trip was fun and it is unbelievably beautiful here, if you’re not afraid of rough terrain and getting a little muddy to get to the more secluded places.

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