New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, That’s Right.

New school year started on Monday back home (it started here last week, apparently). It feels weird to be missing the first classes of the new semester, especially because it’s probably the last real start of a school year I’ll ever get to experience. I don’t suppose starting my PhD will be the same, I don’t even know when that will be.

The first of September has always felt more like new year than the actual New Year feels to me, if you know what I mean. I’m not sure exactly why. I guess it’s partly that it’s the start of a new school year, so, it’s a clear marker, and New Year celebrations usually fall just before/in middle of finals at my home university, so I don’t always get to even think about celebrations or resolutions or anything besides studying, really. I remember one particularly memorable New Year’s Eve a few years ago, I was still studying for my Biochemistry exam at 8 or 9 PM, before I finally gave in to my best friend’s nagging and agreed to come to a party (have I ever thanked you for that?). But I digress. I always make some resolutions at the start of school year. Makes more sense than making them on New Year’s anyway, since most of them are study/work related. And I suck at keeping them just as badly as New Year’s resolutions, but it’s still good fun.

When I started writing this post I was intending to make a bunch of very moderately serious resolutions and put them out there, so you know, I don’t just “forget” them. But then, some work/study-related things that started rather casually turned, well, serious (not bad-serious, just serious-serious). And, for some reason, I wasn’t ready for that. Suddenly, I had to take some actions I had intended to take a little later and in a different manner. I started overthinking things and, well, freaked out. It turned out, of course, that I didn’t need to worry and that I actually had support where I thought people would just get angry. So, now, after my nerves have finished their roller-coaster ride, I just have one resolution for the year that I (hopefully) finish my Master’s degree, look for and find a PhD position –

Do not freak out: don’t worry about things that might or might not happen, don’t stress over people’s possible or actual reactions, don’t freak out over tasks that seem too complicated/difficult/scary at first glance.

Very very determined this time, though I’m not sure how to actually keep/fulfil this resolution, any advice?


P.S. It would also be cool if I finally managed to kick that procrastinating habit and found a ‘real’ hobby, you know, something other than reading, cooking or watching films.


2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, That’s Right.

  1. You’ve already gave yourself all the advice you need: don’t freak out. Break everything down in small steps that you can easily grasp and thus are attainable. Be fore you know it you’d overcome several, a dozen, half a mountain. It is your choice whether you prefer to lift a mountain of stones in one go or take one or a couple at a time.

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