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Emotional and Non-Spoilery Reflections on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I never thought there were so many Harry Potter fans in this forgotten corner of the world! We don’t do midnight book releases or midnight movie premieres, and I’ve never been to a premiere showing of any Harry Potter movies. Before today, that is. And, Merlin’s pants! What an experience it was!

See, after Deathly Hallows and Beedle the Bard came out, some talk began creeping up in my internet HP haunts – questioning whether Harry Potter would stay alive much longer. It was actually a pretty difficult concept for me to grasp because until 4 years ago I had never met an HP fan in the flesh as they say (and I’ve been reading the books for about 11 years now, I think). And even then it was but one friend and I only heard or read about real life HP fun. Harry Potter was always something that was happening inside my head (to use the words from the books). It didn’t mean that it wasn’t real, but it wasn’t truly alive either. Until today, that is. Today I realised that Harry Potter is still very much alive, even in this place.

I went to the premiere showing not expecting much apart from watching the movie, and I was sort of blown away by all the good emotions! Clapping started even before the movie, because someone had the most brilliant idea to sum up what this movie is to HP fans who are obviously in the theatre. Now, it could’ve been a disaster, but it must’ve been a true fan who made that cartoon, because hit right on the mark! – It said that this movie isn’t about finding out who lived or who died or how they managed to pull it off, because the people watching it read the books multiple times, it’s about celebrating the series we love and visualising our favourite moments (and frowning at the things that are done wrong in the movie…).

The rest was brilliant too! Actually, I can’t be sure about the movie itself until I have seen it at least two more times (but it can only change between brilliant and awesome or any other such word), but the celebration was amazing! One could’ve thought that we were watching a live performance – there was so much clapping at all the best book moments (and all the best moments that were not in the book). I think, it started with THE Ron and Hermione’s kiss, and after that ovations would erupt like every five minutes. There also was so much laughter! Having cried pretty much all through the second part of DH when I read it for the first time, I expected to cry watching the movie too. But the experiences were polar opposites. Now I come to think of it, I guess, reading Deathly Hallows indeed felt like the end for me – I mean, how much longer could Harry’s life have been sustained inside me alone? However, today, in real life, I saw that he was living in so many other people! He won’t disappear anywhere any time soon, I should think. I’m not so sad that the movies are done, I’m just happy that I got to experience something like this and that I found out how much alive Harry Potter still is! True, perhaps, Harry won’t be blasting his way out of Gringott’s and such so much any more during events like midnight book releases and movie premieres, but knowing Harry, I think, he likes the quiet of reading the books on a rainy day or discussions how awesome Neville is over a cup of tea.

Realising that this is probably not very coherent (but I want to preserve the emotions of the premiere experience),