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Tribute To Teachers

I don’t know how widely-spread this phenomenon is, but in this corner of the world, we have a special day/holiday dedicated to teachers. We call it cleverly enough Teacher’s Day. And on that day we do something nice to our teachers (and of course the teachers celebrate it themselves). Some schools go as far as giving teachers a sort of day off, and letting older students teach classes to the younger ones. Oh, and the day is the first Friday in October.

I think, I’ve been very fortunate to have many good teachers, even though as the years went past I started feeling more like an equal to them (instead of sometimes fearful admiration) and I found out that there are many other people to be admired. However, if it wasn’t for my awesome school teachers, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

The pedantic ones taught me to make good notes. Even in my fourth year of university I still use my high school biology notes when I need to look something up quickly or sometimes even studying for exams.

There were also those who were always fostering discussion and letting us explore literature in unconventional ways – make up our own interpretations and even put characters on trial. I always try to look at things from different perspectives, which I think is very important for a scientist. And I get that from my lit classes. I think that’s awesome.

Some would make their classrooms feel more like hang-outs rather than places of formal education and let you hang out in there after classes and ask how it’s going. There probably wasn’t any particular benefit I could get from that, but it was just nice, and it’s all the nice time that matters in the end, isn’t it?

I also had those kind of teachers who are hated by most students. They’d drown us in homework and tests and give harsh grades. But in the end I hardly needed to study for my graduation exams and scored best marks. Whatever it takes, right? And it’s even better when it takes less of extra work from my side.

So, here’s to my favourite and less favourite teachers (because even though I didn’t like them that much, they appear to have liked me and that made my life at school so much more pleasant), because they can do some pretty awesome stuff. Thanks!